Systems Yoga with Ronny Joe Grooms


 Is your yoga practice a system?

There are many reasons people come to yoga and meditation, not the least of them is to gain physical or mental health, to find relief from emotional pain, or to feel freer. The power and the beauty of yoga, the psycho-spiritual tradition of India, is how it acknowledges the uniqueness of every seeker's path, while not overlooking the less obvious truths of life's natural orders.

I like to suggest "Yes, we are all individual snowflakes, yet that's all frozen water."


The yogic way to health and happiness prescribes means to develop a balanced concentrated awareness that witnesses the open, flowing, living system we are experiencing, slowly unifying all dimensions of human experience, and even eventually, maybe even inevitably transcending them!  Systems thinking and yoga taken to their conclusion, demonstrate there are no separate ‘parts’ at all. The art and science of traditional yoga offer a path to uncover the Supreme Self or Truth and asserts this self-knowing as the ultimate medicine. Systems concepts illuminate the the true nature of seemingly independent parts, by focusing on relationships and interdependence.

In the modern day, a lovely therapeutic model of yogic practice has evolved from our fascination with postures, along with the physical and mental health benefits that coincide.  Yet many wellness seekers will receive greater benefit and inspiration as the classical philosophical foundations of yoga philosophy still offer this newer model its greatest potential.

All too often I see fragmented yoga practices, hastily assembled together, that are at best band-aid solutions, and at their worse counterproductive or even harmful to health. Miss-steps in practice can be avoided as a holistic approach to health and wellness is developed with the systematic understanding, experience, and examination of how all areas of our life are interrelated by systems, and unified by consciousness.  From the beginning, (in conjunction with your health care providers when warranted) we must make certain understandings explicit in order to utilize holistic yogic thinking, practices and systems tools.  

As an experienced yoga teacher, grounded in classical yogic knowledge and inspired by modern life, guiding the process step by step, I will customize disciplines and practices to amplify your personal and/or group health and vitality in a safe, methodical, and holistic way. (Click here to see a list of some of Narayan's education, training and certifications)

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