Special Programs

Yoga for Trauma Resolution

My training and experience have given me insight into guiding my students & clients with a special sensitivity to trauma and its symptoms. This work is extremely important in these transformative times and I offer my expertise to assist individuals, therapists, medical professionals, and organizations healing from trauma by utilizing yogic mind-body practices and techniques. All of our communication and work together is confidential. Please don't hesitate to email me now so we can arrange a time to create a container of trust and healing for you or your organization. 

Yoga for Care Providers & First Responders

A holistic self-care practice is the foundation of resilient well-being with a balanced flow of compassion. This may seem obvious, but most helpers tend to put their needs last and feel guilty for taking extra time out of their busy schedules to exercise, meditate or have a massage. On the personal front, care providers and first responders may find it helpful to step-back and assess their life circumstances: Is there a balance between their care for others and self-care? Do they have access to regular exercise, non-work interests, personal debriefing? Are they caregivers to everyone or have they shut down and cannot give any more when they go home? Are they relying on alcohol, food, gambling, retail-therapy or any other quick but ultimately unsustainable fix? People who serve relentlessly must recognize that theirs is an intense and special sort of work and their self-care might have to make accommodations for this. Email me now to create a program for your team now. 

Spiritual Mentorship: Vedanta & Self-Study

Narayan offers satsang and mentoring grounded in the Advaita Vedanta tradition of nondual spiritual teachings, Yogic/Buddhist philosophy, and complimented by years of transformative art practice and contemplation. As a spiritual mentor, I want to help open the heart and mind wherever you may feel blocked or lost, ignite your creativity, help you access  inner resources for transformation, outer ones to aide you on your personal spiritual path.  I offer spiritual guidance, in one-on-one satsang sessions either in person, phone or video conference. Please, send me an introductory email and a few words about the mentorship you seek and we can set-up a time and speak about next steps. 

Healing Rituals

Worship and ritual are powerful ways for communities and individuals to heal and move beyond pain and suffering. There are many possible goals and structures for ritual art but in its essence, ritual offers all who enter an encouragement to pause at the sacred threshold of the divine and activate innate human emotional and intuitive capabilities that guide us back to wholeness. Email me now and share more about the circumstances that our ritual could aide.